MADISON LOVE has been a Business Owner, It Project Manager, Executive Assistant, and Baker. Currently fulfilling her new role as a Author, Madison Love's debut Novel, “The Crack Agreement" (formally called "All Cracked Up”), is A Cautionary Tale About When Obsession Turns to Addiction.  It was published on July 1, 2016.

Early Life and Career
Born in Washington, DC, Madison’s 30-year career span was spent in Business and IT. For the last 15 years she served as an IT Project Manager for a large Healthcare Organization. As a Entrepreneur, Madison has served as CEO for Jaro Design and J&Rs Place.  She is currently the CEO for the publishing company, The Nibor Group.

Madison lives in Southern Maryland with her husband of 25 years. Now that she is an empty nester, she enjoys traveling with her husband, wine tasting, listening to smooth jazz, and reading a good novel.