The Crack Agreement - On Sale Now!

The Crack Agreement is a story of two best friends (Samantha & Lily) who spent their entire lives battling being overweight. They tried numerous diets; however, they did not have any success at keeping the weight off. One day, Samantha’s crack addicted sister came over for Christmas dinner, and she was noticeably slim. Samantha and Lily made a joke that if crack made her lose weight like that, they should try it. Lily took the joke to heart and convinced Samantha that they should try crack for only two months to lose weight. After much deliberation, they experimented with crack and lost weight. Meanwhile, they endured much more loss, including their jobs, respect for themselves, and so much more… Their journey takes you through the trials and tribulations they face and the horrific things that happen to them along the way. In the end, was the weight loss really worth it?

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